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Welcome to the Wedding Speech Guide

How to write a best man speech

"Good evening to everyone. If I could get everyone's attention just for a um......."

Being asked to take part in a close friends wedding and perform a wedding speech is a huge compliment. You must prepare yourself to share with every one present how you came be friends, the funny, stupid and dangerous things that your friend has done in the past, and to wish them all the best for future journeys............

That is actually alot to think about. If you think it's a good idea to improvise your wedding speech, you can see where things can very easily go wrong.

Truth be told, the perfect wedding speech will appear to be improvised, but this should never, never be the case. Inside the pages of the 'Wedding Speech Guide' you'll find some great free information and templates to guide you through preparing and writing your wedding speech. Whether you're writing a best man speech, father of the bride, maid of honor, or bride & groom wedding speech, we can help you create an amazing, heartfelt speech or toast that everyone present will remember.

Some people can naturally hold the lime light for hours on end without giving it a second thought, others breakout in an instant sweat at the thought of standing in front of a wedding reception. I was recently invited to a wedding, where a close friend of mine had been asked to be best man. From the time we got to the church he was a wreck, he just didn't think he could actually get up and say a few words in front of everyone at the wedding reception.  If you are like my friend then you absolutely must prepare, practice speaking and feeling confident in front of people!  

If you have a friend in the early stages of planning their wedding, don't think it's too early to start preparing and practicing your wedding speech....... There's bound to be occasion at engagement parties and family events when you will be called upon for an impromptu speech, having recalled a few memories now will help piece together these toasts and practice for the big wedding day speech.  

Why do I get all this info for free?

The Wedding Speech Guide was setup after experiencing, first hand an extremely nerve racking bestman experience.  My friend Michael was asked to be a best man, he had never been a confident speaker, and had the big speech looming.  We got together and looked for advice on how to write a best man speech, we found nothing that actually helped us write a proper speech, the one book we did find told us how to write a great speech, but the format was clinical and hard to read.  

So we got together and looked into how to write a wedding speech, found out the best ways to prepare, write, and deliver an entertaining best man speech.  By the time of the wedding day Michael had it down to an art.  He gave his speech and amazed everyone that he was such a good speaker.  After that we realized their must be others in the same position, without a clue where to start.  So the Wedding Speech Guide was born, and we decided to offer all of this information absolutely free.  As you delve into the pages of my site you will be inspired to write, and learn how to deliver an unforgettable, entertaining wedding speech.


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